Ms. Vanderzanden ~ Technology

Technology curriculum

Mrs. Kristie Vanderzanden
503 357 6990 x235
Visitation Catholic School
4189 NW Visitation Road
Forest Grove, OR, 97116

At Visitation Catholic School we are committed to providing a strong foundation of computer skills by following the Archdiocese of Portland’s Technology plan. Students learn internet safety from the program “Faux Paw the Techno Cat” (part of the McGruff Crime dog series). Students in grades K - 8 have a 30-minute media class every week. Additional computer time is available.

  • Students will learn the proper care of a computer, including proper shut down procedure
  • Students will begin to recognize the different parts of the computer such as the keyboard, monitor and mouse
  • Students will learn to use function keys, such as ‘enter’
  • Students will learn to use paint tools using the program “Tux Paint”
  • Students will learn keyboarding skills using the software "Type to Learn”
  • Students will create a simple document that includes text and pictures using Microsoft Word
  • Student will learn about internet safety
  • Students will visit curriculum based websites such as ‘Starfall’ and ‘Blest are We’
  • Students will learn that respecting the property of others also includes others’work
  • Students will use the software “Type to Learn” to further their keyboarding skills
  • Students will learn to cut, copy and paste using Microsoft Word
  • Students will save and retrieve files
  • Students will learn to safely search the Internet
  • Students will identify computer hardware
  • Students will create a multimedia presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Students will continue building their keyboarding skills using “Type to Learn”
  • Students will learn to create a graphic image and edit it
  • Student will use Microsoft PowerPoint to make presentations for class projects
  • Students will review Internet safety and learn net etiquette
  • Students will be able to identify computer hardware and its use
  • Students will continue building their keyboarding skills using “Type to Learn”
  • Students will use a variety of search strategies, such as Boolean
  • Students will be able to evaluate a website for its reliability, authority and tell if the information is factual or relevant
  • Students will be able to create and use a spreadsheet
  • Students will be able to create a citation for bibliography
  • Student will further develop their knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint