Uniform Policy

Uniform policy (PDF)

Uniforms are required for K-8. Uniforms are not required for preschool.

The Visitation uniform was designed to foster school pride, be workable by parents and be enforceable by the school. Students, parents, and faculty should become familiar with the uniform code and follow it closely. Parents are responsible for making sure their children come to school in dress code. Clothing should as closely as possible match the color swatches which are located in the school office. All uniform clothing should fit in a neat and tidy manner. All faculty and administrators have the right to judge what is and isn't appropriate regarding student dress code and enforce consequences for inappropriate dress.

In the interest of keeping uniforms as affordable as possible, uniform pants, skirts, shorts, et cetera may be purchased through any of the following: Dennis Uniform Company, Land's End, Back on the Rack, Old Navy, GAP, Sears, J.C. Penny, Target or any store as long as the policy is followed.

Free uniform exchange is available to all parents.

Uniform Vendors

  • Lands' End
    Group #900093865 Logo #0812292K
    9800 SW Washington Square Rd
    Portland , OR , 97223
    +1 503 624 3419
    +1 800 469 2222
    Note: Special order scrip is available
  • Dennis Uniform
    school code 66250
    105 SE Hawthorne
    Portland , OR , 97214
    +1 503 234 7431
    Note: Special order scrip is available

Free dress and spirit days

Free dress days will be on the last Thursday of each month.
School Mass will be on the last day of the school week.

Uniform Violations

If your child/children are not dressed appropriately for school, the following three steps will be taken:

  1. Notification of Inappropriate Uniform: Phone call to parents.
  2. Notification of Inappropriate Uniform: Letter home to parents, signature required.
  3. Notification of Inappropriate Uniform: Phone call to parents to pick up child/children.