Schoolwide Learning Expectations

As a student of Visitation Catholic School, I will continue to grow as a…

    • I demonstrate understanding of our Catholic faith, scripture, practices and traditions.
    • I understand and participate actively in Catholic liturgical life and prayer.
    • I know, love and serve God and live the values of Jesus.
    • I acquire knowledge and practice stewardship of all of God‘s creation.
    • I see Christ in others by actively serving those around me.
    • I am an effective communicator and work collaboratively in groups.
    • I strive to independently produce quality work that leads to academic growth.
    • I develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
    • I demonstrate organizational, technological and study skills.
    • I engage in the fine arts and appreciate cultural differences.
    • I respect myself, others and the environment by displaying positive behaviors.
    • I understand and apply the rules of the classroom and school community.
    • I demonstrate responsibility, leadership qualities, tolerance, compassion and respect.
    • I act as a peacemaker who is aware of local, national and global issues.
    • I recognize, appreciate and implement my God given talents to contribute to my community.