Mrs. Allison DeCofano ~ 7th Grade

7th grade curriculum

Qualifications: B.A. - Child Development from C.S.U. Chico Multiple Subject Teaching Credential - Simpson College
Mrs.   Allison   DeCofano
8th Grade
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Visitation Catholic School
4189 NW Visitation Road
Forest Grove, OR, 97116

My Catholic faith definitely influences who I am as a teacher. I look at each student as a miracle of God's creation. My joy in teaching comes when I can share the wonder and awe of all of His creation with them; whether are studying language arts, ancient cultures, or the physical world. The greatest blessing working at Visitation, though, is that being at a Catholic school allows us the opportunity to share and grow in our journey of faith side by side, humbly trying our best to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. —Mrs. DeCofano
  • Introduce the Mystery of the Incarnation including the New Testament and the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Discuss the meaning of the kingdom along with Jesus’ preaching and the Gospels
  • Introduce the Christian life and how we can be more Christ like
  • Discuss the Paschal Mystery
  • Discuss how to spread the good news as members of the Church just as Paul and the apostles did
  • Writing:
    • Mastery of the 5 paragraph essay
    • Introduction of writing to different types of audiences and purposes
  • Spelling:
    • Recognize high level words and meanings
  • Grammar:
    • Include correct English usage, subject verb agreement, parts of speech, and verb tenses
    • Write in complete sentences using clauses and compound and complex sentences
  • Reading:
    • Age appropriate novels of different genres
    • Relating personal experiences and comprehension strategies to better understand reading materials
    • Using age appropriate vocabulary strategies
  • Focus on Pre-Algebra concepts
  • Read, write, represent, order and compare decimals and convert between percent,fractions, and decimals
  • Read, write, represent, order, and compare integers and give examples of their use
  • Apply order of operations including exponents, to simplify calculations and evaluate expressions
  • Represent and interpret data using frequency distribution tables, box-and-whisker plots, stem-and-leaf plots, and single and multiple line graphs
  • Algebraically represent situations and solve problems
  • Recognize and work with positive and negative numbers, rational and irrational numbers, real numbers, and absolute value
  • Sort, identify, describe and compare all types of polygons, prisms, pyramids, and cylinders
  • Focus on experimentation using the scientific method
  • Describe interactions among plants, animals, viruses and other living organisms
  • Investigate energy, work, and machines
  • Discover the Earth’s elements, minerals, rocks, ocean floor, and resources
  • Focus on the effect of nutrition, exercise, drugs, and alcohol on our body
  • Study body support and movement
  • Understand the digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems
  • Understand the organs that regulate our body and growth and development
  • Study of important people and places in world history
  • In-depth look of ancient cultures such as the early Mesopotamia civilizations, the Romans, and Greeks
  • A detailed look at the rise and fall of pivotal people, empires and nations in the Early Ages, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, and Age of Exploration
  • Taught in art class as well as integrated throughout all subject areas
  • Art History
  • Emphasis on value of colors and shapes

* Seventh and Eighth grade is a blended classroom with a rotating curriculum in Religion, Social Studies, Science, and Health. The course work provided ensures that every student experiences age-appropriate and sequential instruction across the curriculum. Please speak with your classroom teacher to identify the current year’s curriculum topics.